Trying out the new Azure WebSites backup

With the new backup feature for Azure WebSites its easy to create a backup for a website and its database:


I tried the manual backup and it got a basic Umbraco site backuped including the database – and restored to a new sites in a couple of minutes. (The backup gets stored (as a zip) in a blob container and can easily be deleted or downloaded.)


I stretched my tests and tried to restore a site to a staging site (a separate deployment slot). I could not do that without a small workaround:

1) Restore from the original site to a new site. This will make it possible to restore without settings that might conflict, in my case an additional domain name.
2) Create another backup from that new site.
3) Swap to the staging deployment slot.
4) Restore from 2) to the now active deployment slot.

5) It’s very cheap to temporarily create a site – and deployment slots – just be sure you delete the ones you do not need later 🙂

I also tried to restore a site to another subscription. I could not do that currently. I got error messages when I tried to restore from the blob storage from across subscriptions. I also tried to download the zip and upload it to a blob storage of the other subscription, but that resulted in the same error messages.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Conclusion: the website backup is very easy to use and a welcome addition to the Azure portal. Hopefully they will fix the problem with restoring across subscriptions aswell.

Azure docs resources: