Trying out – autodeploy to ftp on github push

I just found a tool I like, it’s called and it deploys to ftp on a push to github (or bitbucket). As I have a few sites still on ftp, and I like the git push -> deploy flow this is a service I wanted to try. The service is made by a british company called Cocoon

It was easy to get started, just by log in with my Github account and add an ftp server. The service has been around for a while and they seem to be serious and alert so I dared to add the credentials for a ftp login for their service on my server.

My idea is to push deploy javascripts from one project and razor from another project to a website of mine.

I had a few questions:

  • Can I deploy to a specified folder?
  • From a specified branch?
  • Will it keep files I have in the folder before?
  • Can it delete files I delete from the repository?

I did some experiments and I was happy to find out that the answer to all my questions was yes. I can deploy from a branch to a specified subfolder in the ftp, and it did not touch the files I had in the folder before, nor the ones I added manually in between deploys. But it took care of deletions I made within the repository.

The UI could need a little bit of love. Some minor issues (far from showstoppers). Also I would like to be able to pay with paypal. The service costs 12£ a month for unlimited projects. One proj is free.

I like their roadmap, both for being explicit with their plans and for many of the features they plan to add.


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