A minimalistic MVC experiment in TypeScript

I was inspired by dom-o, a minimalistic javscript library to create markup, by jed. And wanted to play some with it so I ended up making a little TypeScript MVC-experiment with it.

With dom-o it’s easy to create markup with regular javascript functions:

var markup = DIV(
    DIV({ id: "myView" }));


The resulting markup is:

  <div id="myView"></div>

I begun with creating a dom-o TypeScript definition file to get some intellisense to it. Next I created a simple class with a render function:

class ViewRenderer {
    view: any;
    constructor (view: any) {    
        this.view = view;
    render($el:any) {
        var renderedView = (typeof (this.view) == "function") ? this.view() : this.view;

var view = new ViewRenderer(()=>P("date and time : " + new Date());

And then I added a model to the view and made the ViewRender render the view with the model as a parameter.

var personView = (model: PersonModel) =>

MVC style helper
Since the view is a javascript function it’s easy to create helpers:

var inputControl = (label: string, id: string, value:()=> string) =>
    DIV(LABEL(label + ": "),
    INPUT({ id: id, value: value() }),

Which in a view can be called this way:

var personView = (model: PersonModel) =>
        inputControl("First name", "firstname", () =>model.firstName),
        inputControl("Second name", "secondname", () =>model.secondName),

The result
Long story short : after some play I got a small (25 locs) ViewRenderer class which ties together model, view and controller. You find it together with a sample in the ViewRenderer.Ts github repo.

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