Short facts + thoughts about Web2py

Short facts


  • is a compact Python MVC framework written in Python itself.
  • includes a db DLR (closer to the db SQL syntax than a full ORM).
  • has a complete web UI for managing applications, database and all files.
  • was inspired by Django, but is said to improve many parts of it.
  • can be installed easily on Windows for development use with it’s own web server.
  • can run on Goole Application Engine with some (small) changes in how db is handled + the admin UI wont work there.
  • have a simple testing module integrated.
  • has a web2pyslices site for community samples and addons.

Short thoughts


  • has a very easy to understand MVC structure and as such it is a very good starting point to learn to develop web applications with the MVC pattern.
  • makes great use of Python.
  • was easy to install on my Windows machine, but seemed hard to get it running on IIS, so I installed it on a clean Ubuntu installation for the matter of a live server. Went fine, but as a Linux noob I’m not that comfortable with that solution yet.
  • has a cool approach when you can change not only templates but also code files in the web UI. It stores one backup of the changed file so it’s possible to step back.
  • the integrated doctests is a nice feature, and can be use as an addition to more complete unit tests.
  • can be used fine together with Eclipse PyDev. Which looks like a great dev platform (I havent looked at it before). But I did not get the full autocomplete to work in my short tryout.
  • many recommend Web2Py over Django, as Web2Py addresses some issues Django has.
  • has still a small community and usage. Much smaller than Django.
  • it’s dead simple to add an existing application from for example web2pyslices.
  • has a useful but engineerish rather ugly UI. Sorry to say.


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